Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Eastern Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


An integrated, capable, responsive and accountable local government and traditional institution system focusing on the needs of the community.


To promote a developmental local state and traditional institutions that are accountable, focused on citizen’s priorities and capable of delivering high-quality services consistently and sustainably through cooperative governance and participatory democracy.

Core functions and responsibilities

  • Ensures the transformation and development of local government, institutions of traditional leadership and democratic structures of governance;

  • Provides support to municipalities in order to improve access to basic services;

  • Promotes and supports the implementation of the Community Work Programme (CWP);

  • Strengthens actions supportive of the human settlements outcomes;

  • Provides support to municipalities to deepen democracy through the Ward Committee Model;

  • Provides support to municipalities to improve their administrative, governance and financial capabilities;

  • Provides integrated support to municipalities through a single window of co-ordination that enables communities to experience cohesion, predictability, excellence in service delivery and control over their future;

  • Provides administrative and infrastructural support to traditional leadership institutions; and

  • Promotes and supports the participation of traditional communities in developmental programmes.

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