Eastern Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A quality health service to the people of the Eastern Cape promoting a better life for all.


To provide and ensure accessible comprehensive integrated services in the Eastern Cape, emphasizing the primary health care approach, optimally utilising all resources to enable all its present and future generations to enjoy health and quality of life.

Core functions and responsibilities

  • The core functions and responsibilities of the department are aligned to the national and provincial priorities, including overhauling the provincial healthcare system by implementing and sustaining an evidence and results-based provincial health system which is aligned to the National Health System (NHS) 10-point plan, national and provincial legislative requirements and disease profiles, building the required capacity to oversee and manage health services in the province through:

  • Improving the quality of primary healthcare (including community-based and hospital services) by implementing a resourced package of services and improving clinical governance systems and processes; and reducing morbidity and mortality due to communicable diseases and non-communicable illnesses and conditions by implementing high impact strategies to address prevention, detection, management and support at all levels of healthcare