Provincial Legislature

Eastern Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A dynamic people’s assembly for good governance, to deepen and advance sustainable and transformative development towards effective service delivery.


The Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature (ECPL) strives to deepen democracy, promote development Legislature subscribes to the following values: build a better life for all through law-making, effective public participation and vigorous oversight. The

  • Loyalty: Unswerving allegiance and support to the citizens and government;

  • Commitment: A pledge / commitment to perpetuate the cause of freedom;

  • Accountability: Being answerable for one’s actions;

  • Integrity: Being honourable and following ethical principles;

  • Excellence: Continuous improvement in performance and standards; and

  • Redress and Equity: Continuous improvement in performance and standards.

Core functions and responsibilities

The core mandate of the ECPL is facilitating law making; ensuring public participation in the legislative processes; and exercising oversight over the Executive and other organs of state. ECPL is also responsible for furthering cooperative governance between provincial and local legislative institutions.

The oversight function and the opening of the doors of the Legislature to the public continue to be important areas of the Legislature’s activities. Bills brought before the Legislature by departments are scrutinized before they are tabled in the House for debate. In this process, the stakeholder’s views are taken into account – either by inviting them to the Legislature or by holding meetings. These inputs are also prepared in respect of national legislation through the National Council of Provinces (NCOP). The Legislature also ensures that departments spend voted funds in the prescribed manner through the oversight function provided by portfolio committees.

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