Roads and Public Works

Eastern Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


Leaders in the provision of high quality services in infrastructure delivery.


A custodian of provincial government immovable assets and a provider of sustainable infrastructure resulting in socio-economic reforms, sector transformation and development.

Core functions and responsibilities

The core mandate of the department is to:

  • Provide and manage government’s roads and building infrastructure, including small town revitalisation, provision of accommodation, leadership to and regulation of the construction and property industries and related professions;

  • Manage and lead the implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP);

  • Regulate and manage the implementation of the Government Immovable Asset Management Act, 2007 (GIAMA);
  • Implement the Accelerated Professional and Trade Competencies Development (APTCoD)

programme as the skills development initiative aimed at developing artisan and professional skills within the province; and

  • Promote accessibility and safe affordable movement of people, goods and services through the delivery and maintenance of transport infrastructure.

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