Community Safety

Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


To ensure that Gauteng is a safe and secure province


To be an innovative, effective and proactive department that ensures police oversight and promotion of safety of Gauteng citizens by:

  • Exercising oversight over law enforcement agencies in the Province,

  • To promote and strengthen relations between communities and Law Enforcement Agencies,

  • To educate and empower citizens on issues of public safety and coordinating community mobilisation in safety initiatives,

  • To promote road safety.

Core functions

The core functions and responsibilities of the department are:

  • To monitor police conduct;

  • To oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of the province‚Äôs law enforcement agencies (primarily the South African Police Service and the three metropolitan police departments of Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg and Tshwane), including receiving reports on these police services;

  • To promote good relations between the police and communities;

  • To assess the effectiveness of visible policing;

  • To liaise with the Minister of Police with respect to crime and policing in the province

  • To record and investigate public complaints alleging police inefficiency;

  • To mobilise all communities in the fight against crime;
  • To promote social crime prevention through partnerships and other appropriate interventions; and

  • To promote road safety, in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies, to reduce road accidents and resultant fatalities

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