Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


The vision of the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs is: Sustainable, viable local government, traditional councils and communities in Gauteng


To coordinate the effective functioning of local government, promote integrated development planning and deepen participatory democracy in order to accelerate service delivery.

Core fuctions

The mandate of the department highlights cooperative governance, this is essential for integrated development, the department provides support and monitors municipalities and tribal authorities by:

  • Monitoring the municipalities and traditional authorities development and performance;

  • Supporting local authorities where there are capacity constraints;

  • Promoting capacity development in a systematic manner; to ensure that municipalities are able to manage their own affairs;

  • Advising, commenting on and approving Integrated Development Plans (IDP’s);

  • Providing key support services to municipalities in implementing the Municipal Finance Management Act, No.56 of 2003 (MFMA) and supporting Community Development Workers (CDW’s);

  • Intervening where local authorities fail to perform their designated functions and mandates; and
  • Strengthening the functioning of Municipal Public Accounts Committees

Budgeted spending by sub-programme for each programme

Each chart shows the budgeted spending by each sub-programme of that programme.

Budgeted spending by Economic Classification for each programme

Each chart shows the budgeted spending by economic classification under that Programme.

Development Planning
Local Governance
Traditional Institutional Management

Budgeted spending by programme for Economic Classification items

Each chart shows the budgeted spending of each Programme under that Economic Classification.

Current payments - Compensation of employees
Current payments - Goods and services
Payments for capital assets - Machinery and equipment
Transfers and subsidies - Households
Transfers and subsidies - Provinces and municipalities
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