Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


A Connected Gauteng City Region that uses Information and Communication Technology to support the delivery of quality services and equitable and inclusive social economic development of its citizens


To provide GPG citizens with state-of-the-art Information and Communication Technology infrastructure that connects them to improved service delivery and greater economic opportunities in collaboration between government, citizens and the private sector through:

A high speed broadband network connecting government to its citizens;

  • Digitization of back office support for enhanced service delivery;

  • Coordination and regulation of information and communication technology infrastructure and applications to integrate e Government - services in the province;

  • Support radical economic transformation by facilitating the development of an ICT linked economy that leverages off the Broadband Network;

Core functions

  • To rollout the GBN;

  • To develop and maintain all provincial government owned ICT infrastructure;

  • To develop and maintain applications, networks, and services;

  • To improve and provide customer driven HR services;

  • To implement e-Recruitment solution for job seekers; and

  • To deploy HR systems in the province.

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