Infrastructure Development

Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


To be a leading sustainable infrastructure provider and facilitator that positions Gauteng as a global competitive city region with inclusive economic growth and decent work for all.


To contribute towards the radical transformation, modernisation and re-industrialisation of Gauteng by accelerating integrated service delivery, maintenance and management of public infrastructure and deploying built environment professionals while encouraging the active participation of an empowered citizenry.

Core functions

  • To ensure the implementation of all infrastructure programmes and projects reflected in the short, medium and long term plans of the Gauteng Provincial Government (GPG);

  • To manage the construction of GPG capital expenditure (CAPEX) projects such as schools, hospitals, clinics and recreation centres;

  • To manage the provision of maintenance services for all GPG infrastructure;

  • To manage the provincial property portfolio;

  • To ensure participation and involvement of communities through the implementation of the Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) within GPG CAPEX projects and other departmental projects; and

  • To utilise the construction sector as a catalyst for the development of skills, the creation of jobs and the development of sustainable communities

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