Office of the Premier

Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


Leadership for an integrated city-region, characterised by social cohesion and economic inclusion; the leading economy on the continent, underpinned by sustainable socio-economic development


To advance radical socio-economic transformation and steer Gauteng towards a seamless and integrated city region characterised by social cohesion and economic inclusion; by:

  • Providing strategic leadership and direction to government and society;

  • Ensuring the transformation and modernisation of the public service;

  • Improving government performance and service delivery through enhanced planning, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of government performance;

  • Ensuring effective communication and stakeholder interfaces with communities and key sectors of society;

  • Providing strategic and operational support in fulfilling constitutional and legal obligations;

  • Actively advancing gender equality, women’s empowerment, youth development and the rights of people with disabilities, older persons and military veterans; and

  • Securing both domestic and foreign partnerships that support the development agenda.