Roads and Transport

Gauteng Department Budget for 2015-16


A modern integrated, efficient and sustainable transport and road infrastructure system in Gauteng.


To facilitate and provide an integrated transport system that:

  • Is reliable, accessible, safe and affordable;

  • Promotes seamless mobility and social inclusion;

  • Is environmentally sustainable; and

  • Support industrialisation and radical socio-economic transformation

Core functions

  • To contribute to the achievement of departmental outcomes;

  • To develop and maintain a sustainable road infrastructure that contributes to increased economic growth and enhanced quality of life in Gauteng;

  • To develop a policy framework in support of a modern, integrated and intelligent transport system;

  • To contribute to the regulation of transport-related carbon emissions;

  • Through green transport, to contribute to environmental protection;

  • To provide public transport infrastructure that promotes integration and inter-modality of public transport;

  • To regulate public transport operations through the issuing of operating licenses and permits;

  • To regulate public transport operations through the registration of associations;

  • To issue valid drivers’ licenses; and

  • To issue valid vehicle licenses.

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