Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs

KwaZulu-Natal Department Budget for 2015-16


The vision of the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (DEDTEA) is: Leading the attainment of inclusive and sustainable economic growth for job creation.


The department’s mission is to: Provide leadership and facilitate integrated economic planning, be a catalyst for economic transformation and sustainable development, implement strategies that drive economic growth and promote sound environmental management, create a conducive environment for trade, investment and tourism and monitor and enforce sound business and consumer regulations.

Core functions

The department’s core functions are summarised as follows:

  • To drive the economic development strategies of the province.

  • To facilitate strategies to enhance the competitiveness of priority sectors of the economy, in line with the industrial development strategy.

  • To promote the development of small business and social enterprises.

  • To promote and facilitate economic empowerment programmes.

  • To manage the Enterprise Development and Growth Funds.

  • To provide an effective and efficient consumer protection service.

  • To ensure effective and prudent business regulation in the province.

  • To provide effective and efficient environmental management.

  • To provide conservation services

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