Limpopo Department Budget for 2015-16


A long and healthy life for people in Limpopo


The Department is committed to provide quality health care service that is accessible, comprehensive, integrated, sustainable and affordable

Core functions

The Department renders the following services:

  • Primary health care (PHC) services including priority health programmes such as:HIV and AIDS, STI’s and TB control programme, mother and child and women’s health, nutrition, prevention and control of disease.

  • The district hospital service is rendered through the district health system.

  • Emergency Medical Services are coordinated and managed throughout the province.

  • Secondary health care services are rendered through regional hospitals that provide out-patient and in-patient care at general specialist level; Specialised health care services providing specialised in-patient care for psychiatric, and MDR tuberculosis services.

  • Tertiary hospital services which combines highly specialised tertiary care with secondary care including some primary health care patients with some referrals to step-down wards.
  • Provide training for future health care professionals through nursing colleges/schools.

  • Render clinical support services including allied services, pharmaceutical, laboratory services and oral health services.

  • These services are supported through financial management, human resource development and management and support services (such as information systems, facility management, supply chain management, medico-legal services and other non personnel health services).

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