Economic Development and Tourism

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2015-16


An Inclusive, Globally Competitive Economy


Drive economic growth that creates decent employment and promote sustainable development through partnerships.

Furthermore, the focus of the Department was to conduct research in order to assist in identifying gaps in the economy and suggest possible intervention. To this end, the outcome of the research including suggestions will be communicated to all municipalities for implementation.

Following the 2014 general elections, the fifth Provincial Administration prioritised five priority sectors with the potential to create the much needed jobs and could thus assist in reducing unemployment, poverty and inequality in the Province. These five priority sectors are: Agriculture, ICT, Tourism, Manufacturing and Mining. These sectors are the basis of the support the Department is providing to small businesses and co-operatives, and this has resulted in the following priorities aimed strengthening the said support:

  • Development of the Provincial Tourism Act

  • Development of the Township Strategy

  • SMME Development Strategy

  • Development of the Informal Sector Strategy

  • Support infrastructure projects aimed at supporting co-operatives in these sectors

  • Conduct research and produce a plan for the green economy

  • Develop the Tourism Act

In terms of role delineation between the Department and its Public Entities, the Executive Council Lekgotla has adopted the Organisational Re-design Report which paves the way for the new organisational structure of the Department and remodeling of the Public Entities, particularly MEGA and MTPA

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