Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs

North West Department Budget for 2015-16


A rooted approach for supporting culture, the arts and tradition of our people


Placing Culture, Arts and tradition in the hearts and minds of our communities for their development and enrichment.

Core functions

The core functions of the Department are:

  • To ensure that Recreation activities are accessible to all communities and to promote talent in the province;

  • To provide opportunity to access information and knowledge through Libraries and Museums and to manage and preserve our historical records to all communities;

  • To promote and create conditions for the development of a multicultural society and to ensure that previously-marginalized communities are given opportunities;

  • To promote Mass Participation through Recreation events

  • To ensure the existence of proper infrastructure and programmes for the development of talent and skills in Arts; Culture and Traditional activities;

  • To establish and maintain relevant regional, national and international linkages; and

  • To promote social cohesion, moral regeneration and nation building.

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