Office of the Premier

North West Department Budget for 2015-16


A dynamic, professional and responsive provincial administration achieving growth and excellence in Bokone Bophirima.


Facilitate integrated governance and accelerate service delivery that is people centred for improved economic growth in Bokone Bophirima.

Core Functions of the Department

The following are the core function for the Office of the Premier:

  • Rendering of administrative and secretarial support to the Executive Council structures;

  • Formulate Provincial policy and reviews;

  • Provincial planning and knowledge management;

  • Service Delivery Planning and Management of Provincial Growth and Development Strategy;

  • Integration of services between spheres of government and with international countries;

  • Moral regeneration, forensic and anti-corruption investigations;

  • Monitoring and evaluation of provincial and provincial government performance;

  • Project management capacity building and coordination;

  • Coordination of Information technology and communication;

  • The rendering of provincial information services;

  • Research and Population policy development and facilitation;

  • Provincial corporate services;

  • Human capital development.

  • Provincial communication and protocol;

  • Legal service and legislative review;

  • Monitor Compliance and Efficacy in the Implementation of Policies and Plans;

  • Advocacy, Support and Capacity Building in the Implementation of National and Provincial Policies and Plans; and

  • Policy influence and coordination.

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