Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development

Northern Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A transformed, vibrant agricultural sector for food security and sustainable rural development.


The Department as a lead agent in the sector, will champion land and agrarian transformation, promote and facilitate increased production and provide expertise for improved livelihoods, sustainable rural development and food security for all.

Core functions

  • Coordinate and facilitate rural development programmes that contribute to vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities

  • Provision of comprehensive post settlement support to land reform beneficiaries

  • Ensure food security for all by increasing agricultural production; providing technical support for development of famers and communities

  • Establishing markets in rural areas

  • Establish agricultural co-operatives throughout the value-chain

  • Development and implementation of the sector job creation plan

  • Promoting sustainable use and management of natural resources

  • Farm worker development

  • To provide veterinary services which promote sustainable economic growth through export and import and ensure the health and welfare of people and animals in the Northern Cape

  • To ensure the competitive capacity of its clients, through the timely provision of progressive technologies and information with regard to crop production, animal production and resource utilisation

  • To provide economic support to internal and external clients with regard to marketing, statistical information including financial feasibility and economic viability studies

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