Western Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A united, responsive and prosperous agricultural sector in balance with nature.


Unlock the full potential of agriculture to enhance the economic, ecological and social wealth of all the people of the Western Cape through:

  • Encouraging sound stakeholder engagements

  • Promoting the production of affordable, nutritious, safe and accessible food, fibre and agricultural products

  • Ensuring sustainable management of natural resources

  • Executing cutting edge and relevant research and technology development

  • Developing, retaining and attracting skills and human capital

  • Providing a competent and professional extension support service

  • Enhancing market access for the entire agricultural sector

  • Contributing towards alleviation of poverty and hunger

  • Ensuring transparent and effective governance

Core functions


Provide and adhere to good corporate governance principles and practices, including diligent financial management, the application of fair human resource management, the promotion of appropriate communication with clients, other Departments, Provinces and African countries, within the context of the Batho Pele principles and IGR requirements.

Knowledge Development

Develop economically accountable and environmentally sustainable cutting-edge technologies in all spheres of agricultural production, processing and marketing with due consideration of current and future needs of all farmers and consumers nationally and internationally in a changing environment, to enhance competitiveness and to expand agricultural production for increased growth and development as well as promoting agricultural job opportunities.

Knowledge Transfer Train prospective and current agriculturalists, farmers and farm workers in the agricultural industry and promote career opportunities in agriculture.

Deliver a competitive and appropriate farmer support service (including extension) to a broad spectrum of clients, with emphasis on the emerging farming sector on a geographically determined basis.

Provide agricultural economic information and services for effective decision making in the agricultural and agribusiness sector.

Provide information and services to increase the efficient use of our agricultural water resources especially in view of the possible impact of climate change on our Province.

Regulatory function

Monitor and minimise animal health risks as well as to ensure food security by means of food safety and to facilitate the export of animals and animal products. Promote the conservation and sustainable use of the environment, especially agricultural natural resources (land and water) and to prevent the fragmentation and rezoning of agricultural land.

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