Community Safety

Western Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A safer open opportunity society for all building resilient communities responsive to safety needs.


The Department of Community Safety aims to increase safety for all the people in the Province by promoting professional policing through effective oversight, by ensuring the safety at all public buildings and spaces, to facilitate safety partnerships and programmes and to build greater safety and security organisational resilience.

Core functions

  • To provide strategic management and administrative support services to the line functions of the Department. Also supports the Ministry and the Office of the Head of Department.

  • To implement the constitutional and legislative mandate of civilian oversight over law enforcement agencies and to implement both national and provincial policies on safety and security.

  • To building community resilience through being actively involved, organised, share information, resources and effort aimed at increasing safety.

  • To consolidate the management of systems and processes impacting on the security risk profile of the Western Cape Government.

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