Cultural Affairs and Sport

Western Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


A socially inclusive, creative, active and connected Western Cape.


We encourage excellence and inclusiveness in sport and culture through the effective, efficient and sustainable use of our resources, and through creative partnerships with others. In moving to excellence, we will create the conditions for access and mass participation, talent identification and skills development.

Core functions

Cultural Affairs and Sport is a tool that is used to assist with the building of a socially inclusive Western Cape community.

The Chief Directorate Cultural Affairs provide the following main services:

Strategic managerial support and coordination of the EPWP programmes in the Environmental and Culture Sector in DCAS.

Facilitate the development, preservation and promotion of arts and culture in the Western Cape through the creation of effective and vibrant functioning arts and culture structures, activities and environments and provide support and assistance to the Western Cape Cultural Commission (WCCC) to execute its legislative mandate.

Promote, preserve and develop our heritage by providing museum services to affiliated museums and provide professional and other support to the governing bodies of affiliated museums.

Promote, conserve and develop the heritage resources of the Western Cape, to facilitate processes for the standardisation or changes, where necessary, of geographical names in the Western Cape and facilitate matters related to world heritage concerns in the Western Cape, and to assist with heritage resource management by the implementing the relevant legislation.

Promote and develop multilingualism in the Western Cape, actively develop the previously marginalised indigenous languages of the Western Cape, facilitate the implementation and monitoring of the Western Cape Language Policy and to provide professional and support to the Western Cape Language Committee (WCLC) to execute its legislative mandate.

Provide library and information services and promote the culture of reading and lifelong learning in partnership with municipalities.

Provide access to archival heritage and promote proper management and care of public records.

The Chief Directorate: Sport and Recreation promotes Sport, Recreation, educational outcomes, social inclusion and Tourism:

  • To provide specialised services for sport and recreation

  • To provide client and scientific support

  • To promote recreation activities

  • Create access to, and opportunities in sport for all schools and their learners

  • Provide after school activities

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