Local Government

Western Cape Department Budget for 2015-16


An efficient and dynamic team that enables well governed Municipalities to deliver services to communities in a responsive, sustainable and integrated manner


To monitor, coordinate and support Municipalities to be effective in fulfilling their developmental mandate, and facilitate service delivery and disaster resilience through engagement with government spheres and social partners.

Core functions

The core functions and responsibilities of the Department are:

To support Municipalities with the development of legislation and legislative compliance.

  • To intervene where there is non-fulfilment of legislative, executive and or financial obligation;

  • To support and strengthen the capacity of Municipalities;

  • To monitor and support local government;

  • To regulate the performance of Municipalities in terms of their functions listed in Schedules 4 and 5 of the Constitution;

  • To increase the number of people with access to government services & opportunities;

  • To promote developmental local government; and

  • To coordinate effective disaster management in the Province

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