Arts and Culture

National Department Budget for 2016-17

Vote purpose

Contribute to sustainable economic development and enhance job creation by preserving, protecting and developing South African arts, culture and heritage to sustain a socially cohesive and democratic nation.


The Department of Arts and Culture derives its mandate from the following legislation:

  • the Heraldry Act (1962)

  • the Culture Promotion Act (1983)

  • the National Archives and Record Service of South Africa Act (1996)

  • the Legal Deposit Act (1997)

  • the South African Geographical Names Council Act (1998)

  • the Cultural Institutions Act (1998)

  • the National Council for Library and Information Act (2001)

  • the National Heritage Resources Act (1999)

  • the Use of Official Languages Act (2012).

Broadly, this legislation mandates the department to:

  • develop and promote arts and culture in South Africa, and mainstream its role in social development

  • develop and promote the official languages of South Africa, and enhance the linguistic diversity of the country

  • improve economic and other development opportunities for South African arts and culture nationally and globally through mutually beneficial partnerships in order to ensure the sustainability of the sector

  • develop and monitor the implementation of policy, legislation and strategic direction for the identification, conservation and promotion of cultural heritage.