Police, Roads and Transport

Free State Department Budget for 2016-17


Contribute towards the creation of a prosperous Free State through the facilitation of the provision of sustainable community safety, mobility and road infrastructure.


To realise the afore said vision, we will:

  • Monitor ,oversee and assess police service delivery in the Free State

  • Promote integrated crime prevention initiatives

  • Ensure road safety and an integrated transport system and networks

Core functions and responsibilities of the department

  • Monitor police conduct and the implementation of visible policing

  • Oversee the effectiveness and efficiency of SAPS including receipt of reports on it;

  • Initiate, assist and co-ordinate social crime prevention activities and mobilisation of resources;

  • Ensure that community policing structures mobilise communities to support and participate in crime prevention activities;

  • Enhance the deterrent effect of the criminal justice system by facilitating efficiency of the system;

  • Public education and awareness programmes about crime and its prevention;

  • Transport and traffic management.

  • Revenue collection including vehicle licenses

  • Maintenance and construction of the provincial road network

  • Security management for departmental buildings

Budgeted spending by sub-programme for each programme

Each chart shows the budgeted spending by each sub-programme of that programme.

Budgeted spending by Economic Classification for each programme

Each chart shows the budgeted spending by economic classification under that Programme.


Budgeted spending by programme for Economic Classification items

Each chart shows the budgeted spending of each Programme under that Economic Classification.

Current payments - Compensation of employees
Current payments - Goods and services
Payments for capital assets - Buildings and other fixed structures
Payments for capital assets - Land and sub-soil assets
Payments for capital assets - Machinery and equipment
Transfers and subsidies - Departmental agencies and accounts
Transfers and subsidies - Households
Transfers and subsidies - Public corporations and private enterprises
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