Agriculture and Rural Development

Gauteng Department Budget for 2016-17


An economically transformed agricultural sector including agro-processing and sustainable environmental management for healthy, food secure, developed rural and urban communities in Gauteng.


To radically modernize and transform agriculture, environment and rural development by:

• Promoting environmental protection and management;

• Expanding access to agricultural opportunities;

• Expand the agro-processing and marketing support;

• Maximising food security;

• Up-scaling rural development;

• Promoting the One Health System; and

• Supporting sustainable livelihoods and communities

Core functions and responsibilities

The mandate of the department is derived from the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa:

• Ensuring an environment that supports human well-being;

• Conservation of the environment;

• Provision of sufficient food and water;

• Animal disease control, management of abattoirs; and

• Provision of veterinary services in the province.