Community Safety

Gauteng Department Budget for 2016-17


To ensure that DCS Gauteng is a Province where people feel and are safe.


To be an innovative, effective and proactive department that ensures the safety of communities through:

• Improving the Quality of Policing;

• Deepening Meaningful Community Participation;

• Enhancing Social Crime Prevention;

• Fostering Integrity;

• Initiating and Sustaining Sound and Supportive Institutional Arrangements;

• Promoting Pedestrian Safety;

• Intensifying Traffic Law Enforcement, and

• Creating a Safer Road Environment.

Core functions and responsibilities

The core functions and responsibilities of the department are:

• To monitor police conduct by overseeing the effectiveness and efficiency of the province’s law enforcement agencies;

• To promote good relations between the police and communities;

• To assess the effectiveness of visible policing;

• To liaise with the Minister of Police with respect to crime and policing in the province;

• To record and investigate public complaints alleging police inefficiency;

• To mobilise all communities in the fight against crime;

• To promote social crime prevention through partnerships and other appropriate interventions; and

• To reduce road fatalities.

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