Economic Development

Gauteng Department Budget for 2016-17


A radically transformed, modernised and re-industrialised economy in Gauteng, manifesting decent work, economic inclusion and equity.


The mission of the Department of Economic Development in quest of its vision is to:

• Ensure radical transformation, modernisation and re-industrialisation of the Gauteng economy;

• Provide an enabling policy and legislative environment for equitable economic growth and development;

• Develop and implement programmes and projects that will:

• Revitalise Gauteng’s township economies;

• Build new smart, green, knowledge-based economy and industries;

• Ensure decent employment and inclusion in key economic sectors;

• Facilitate radical economic transformation, modernisation and re-industrialisation;

• Include the marginalised sectors of women, youth and persons with disabilities in mainstream economic activities; and

• Establish appropriate partnerships for delivery and ensure the DED effectively delivers on its mandate

Main services

The key cross-cutting principles and outcomes that will underpin the programmes and projects of all the three objectives are:

• Promoting smart and green industrial and socio-economic development;

• Creating decent work and reducing levels of unemployment;

• Contributing to an increase in Gross Domestic Product (GDP);

• Making the economy inclusive (reversing monopoly capital’s domination);

• Applying smart and green technology and processes;

• Mainstreaming the participation of the marginalised sectors of women, youth and persons with disabilities;

• Developing an appropriately skilled labour force and private sector (SMME’s, co-operatives and emerging businesses) to meet and grow the economy and work in the key sectors; and

• Ensuring environmental sustainability.

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