Arts and Culture

KwaZulu-Natal Department Budget for 2016-17


The vision of the department is: Prosperity and social cohesion through arts and culture.

Mission statement

The department’s mission is to Provide world class services in arts and culture for the people of KwaZulu-Natal by:

  • Developing and promoting arts and culture in the province and mainstreaming its role in socio-economic development.

  • Supporting interventions to develop arts and culture capacity in the province.

  • Implementing social cohesion and moral regeneration programmes that contribute to the transformation of society and nation building.

  • Developing and promoting previously marginalised languages and enhancing the linguistic diversity of the province.

  • Collecting, preserving and providing archival, museum, library and other forms of information resources.

Core functions

The core functions of the department encompass the development and promotion of arts, culture, museum, archive and library services

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