Economic Development, Environment and Tourism

Limpopo Department Budget for 2016-17


A competitive economy within a sustainable environment.


To create and facilitate the development of a competitive economy, sustainable environment and tourism growth.

Main services

The mandate of the Department is to facilitate the provincial economy, promote and manage environmental and tourism activities. To carry out this mandate, the department pursues the following:

• Improve service delivery to communities and stakeholders through a skilled, accountable, corrupt free, development oriented and empowered and intergraded Public Service.

• Accelerate employment creation, economic growth and development.

• Ensure sustainable development through targeted intervention on environmental management, development of natural resources, creation of green jobs and proactive responses to climate change.

• To position Limpopo as a preferred tourist and investment destination within Southern African Developing Countries(SADC) and the World.

• Transform Limpopo into a world class knowledge society that uses ICT as an enabler of socioeconomic development and ICT as a production sector.

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