Limpopo Department Budget for 2016-17


Excellence in provisioning of innovative quality basic education


To deliver quality education in an innovative, effective and efficient way by giving maximum monitoring and support to districts, circuits and schools, continuous development of educators and officials, maximizing accountability, fostering community participation and governance in education, ensuring equitable, efficient allocation and utilization of resources, striving for a competent and motivated workforce.

Main Services

• Delivery of quality education by ensuring functionality of schools and reduction of underperforming schools.

• Improve capacity of the department to support delivery of quality education by ensuring that management performance and compliance levels are rated from an average level of 2 to 4 on the MPAT Standards by 2019/20.

• Provide education in public ordinary and special schools.

• Support independent schools, promote a safe school environment.

• Improve HIV and AIDS awareness, and make available.

• Early Childhood Education (ECD) in Grade R.

• Offer training and support to all public education institutions Human Resource Development (HRD) for educators and non-educators.

• Departmentally managed examination services.

• Overall management of the education system.

• Provide minimum food needed to learn effectively in primary schools to identified poor and hungry learners.

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