Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2016-17


Vibrant, equitable, and sustainable urban and rural communities with a united and prosperous agricultural sector.


To facilitate an integrated, comprehensive & sustainable social & Agricultural development in rural and urban communities through ensuring cohesion and collaboration by all sectors of society.

Core functions and responsibilities

The Department will continue with the implementation of the following priority policy initiatives in response to Outcome 7 and Outcome 10 in particular

  • Land and agrarian reform development

  • Crop and Livestock production (Integrated Food Security and Nutrition Programme (IFSNP))

  • Livestock improvement strategy , and Aquaculture and fisheries strategy

  • The Agricultural Risk Disaster Management Implementation Strategy

  • Provincial Land Care Strategy (Integrated resource management)

  • Provincial Comprehensive Rural Development Strategy

  • Protect and enhance our environmental assets and natural resources

  • Rural Development

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