Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2016-17


Responsive, effective, efficient and sustainable cooperative governance


To coordinate, support, monitor and strengthen an integrated cooperative Governance system

Core functions and responsibilities

  • S154 of the Constitution states that National and Provincial governments, by legislative and other measures, must support and strengthen the capacity of Municipalities to manage their own affairs, to exercise their powers and to perform their functions.

  • S105 (1) states that the MEC for Local Government in a province must establish mechanisms, processes and procedures in terms of S155(6) of the Constitution to-

  • Monitor Municipalities in the Province in managing their own affairs, exercising their powers and performing their functions;

  • Monitor the development of local government capacity in the Province; and

  • Assess the support needed by Municipalities to strengthen their capacity to manage their own affairs, exercise their powers and perform their functions.

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