Culture, Sport and Recreation

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2016-17


A patriotic socially cohesive society


To promote social cohesion and nation building through culture, sport and information service to people of Mpumalanga

Core functions and responsibilities

Cultural Affairs

  • To foster a new national identity, common citizenry and equal rights through conducting programmes such as multi-faith consultative forums, multilingualism awareness campaigns, workshops on national symbols to achieve improved knowledge and upheld values enshrined in RSA Constitutional values.

  • To promote a viable cultural industries and preserve the heritage through completion of pre-construction of Cultural Hubs, Heritage sites and maintenance of Cultural Villages and museums

  • To promote and develop arts and culture through craft exhibitions and capacity building programme, cultural tourism, museum displays and standardization of Geographic Names and features.

  • To promote the Province and the Country as a diverse socially cohesive nation through the host of International events and tournaments.

  • To encourage active participation of community based structures through the support of arts culture, language, heritage structure museums structures that are in partnership with government to promote culture.