Office of the Premier

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2016-17


A strategic centre of excellence for effective and efficient governance.


Provide strategic direction and support evidence based decision making through research, M&E, integrated planning, coordination of Government programmes and institutional development

Core functions and responsibilities

The core functions and responsibilities for the Office of the Premier are, inter alia:

• Support the Premier in executing the Executive functions of the Province to achieve integrated social development and economic growth;

• Support the Executive decision-making processes of the Premier in Executive Council to inculcate good governance and effective public service delivery;

• Monitor and evaluate performance of all Provincial Executive functions and strategic programmes for Provincial growth and development to enable the Premier to be accountable for the overall executive performance of the Province.

• Coordinate strategic alignment and integration of sectorial and sub-sectorial strategies, policies and programmes to facilitate social transformation and development and economic growth.

• Support the Premier to implement Provincial Public Service Transformation, reform and service delivery improvement to build the capability of the Provincial Government to fulfil its Constitutional obligations.

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