Provincial Treasury

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2016-17


A dynamic Provincial Treasury leading in service excellence.


The equitable allocation and optimal utilization of provincial resources to ensure a quality and better life for all through:

  • Quality financial advice and support to departments, public entities and municipalities.

  • Efficient financial management and fiscal discipline.

  • Effective monitoring of resource utilization.

Core functions and responsibilities

  • Administration is responsible for political, financial and administrative management of the Provincial Treasury. The Programme provides prompt, continuous, effective and efficient administrative support to all line functions in the Provincial Treasury.

  • Sustainable Resources Management exists to promote optimal and effective provincial resource allocation and utilization, efficient provincial budget management, accurate financial reporting on provincial revenue generation and maximization, promote efficient planning, implementation and management of infrastructure by provincial Departments and Municipalities, and provide technical support to delegated Municipalities on the implementation of the Municipal Finance Management Act, No. 56 of 2003 (MFMA).

  • Assets and Liabilities Management is responsible for the monitoring and support on Assets, Liabilities, Provincial Supply Chain management, Public Private Partnerships, Transversal Systems as well as the provisioning of Information Technology Services to Departments, Public Entities and Municipalities in Mpumalanga Province.

*Financial Governance serves to facilitate, monitor, support and provide professional advice to ensure good governance in the Province.

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