Culture, Arts and Traditional Affairs

North West Department Budget for 2016-17


A thriving arts, culture and traditional affairs sector contributing to sustainable economic development in a socially cohesive Bokone Bophirima.


To enhance job creation by preserving, protecting and developing arts, culture, Heritage and the institution of traditional leadership to reposition, renew and rebrand Bokone Bophirima through VTSD Strategy.

Main Services that the department intends to deliver

  • To render an effective, efficient, equitable corporate and management support services to internal and external stakeholders to ensure good, clean and value driven corporate governance through, Human Resource, Finance, Communication and Strategic Management Services.

  • The promotion, development and transformation of all cultural activities in Bokone Bophirima, in order to contribute towards nation-building, god governance, social and human capital development and sustainable economic growth and opportunities.

  • The provisioning of library, information and archive services that will contribute to nation building, good governance, human capital development and sustainable economic growth and opportunities.

  • To initiate and support socially cohesive recreation structures and activities, through the creation of access and opportunity with regard to participation in recreation. The department also provides support to the institutions of traditional leadership through workshops and grants so as to contribute to a transformed, functional, accountable and sustainable institution of traditional leadership.

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