Office of the Premier

North West Department Budget for 2016-17


A united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous citizenry in Bokone-Bophirima Province.


To work with partners in order to:

  • Improve government performance in achieving the desired outcomes;

  • Improve service delivery through changing the way government works; and

  • Rebrand, Reposition and Renew Bokone Bophirima Province through the five concretes namely, Agriculture, Culture and Tourism (ACT), Villages, Townships and Small Dorpies(VTSD), Setsokotsane, Reconciliation, Healing and Renewal as well as Saamtrek-Saamwerk philosophy

Core Functions of the Department

  • To provide efficient and effective Administrative support services;

  • Effective and efficient institutional development support services to the province; and

  • To provide quality service delivery through integrated planning, performance monitoring, evaluation and intervention.