Northern Cape Department Budget for 2016-17


A transformed quality education system.


To deliver quality public education to all learners of the Northern Cape which will enable them to play a meaningful role in a dynamic, developmental and economic society

Strategic Goals

  • To maintain and improve the provision of quality Education.

  • To contribute to the economic growth and development of the province including the creation of decent and sustainable jobs and Entrepreneurship, through education.

  • To promote Health Education and the teaching and learning of healthy lifestyles in order to improve the quality of life

  • To ensure that education programmes in our schools continue to be transformative and developmental

  • To strengthen and improve medium to long term planning, reporting, monitoring, evaluation and administration systems in order to optimise impact of service delivery

  • To re-position schools as centres of community life where quality, administrative excellence and safety and security thrive

  • To promote social and school enrichment programmes in order to enhance and realize objectives of social cohesion and Community development.

Core Functions and Responsibilities

  • Public Ordinary Schools is aimed at the provision of educators in schools, the development of educators to ensure that they are equipped to provide the best quality teaching and the provision of Learner Teacher Support Materials (LTSM). The function is also aimed at the provisioning of food to Public Ordinary School learners through the National school Nutrition Programme (NSNP).

  • Public Special Schools Education includes the provision of schooling to all learners with special educational needs in special schools and full-service schools.

  • Early Childhood Development is the provision of Grade R in state, private and community centres. The programme also seeks to provide ECD programmes for pre-Grade R learners.

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