Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation

National Department Budget for 2017-18

Vote purpose

Improve government service delivery through integrated planning, monitoring and evaluation.


The Department of Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation is mandated to:

  • facilitate the implementation of the National Development Plan (NDP) through the development of sector and outcome specific medium-term plans and delivery agreements, and monitor and evaluate the implementation of these plans

  • ensure the alignment of departmental strategic and annual plans and budget allocations to the medium-term strategic framework

  • facilitate socioeconomic impact assessments of legislation and regulations

  • monitor the performance of individual national and provincial government departments and municipalities, and related improvement plans, and facilitate targeted intervention programmes

  • monitor frontline service delivery and manage the presidential hotline

  • develop and implement the annual national evaluations plan and support the national evaluations system

  • promote good planning, monitoring and evaluation practices in government

  • facilitate the integration of youth development priorities into key government programmes.

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