Economic and Small Business Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs

Free State Department Budget for 2017-18


A transformed economy and a prosperous society that is living in harmony with its natural resources through integrated and sustainable economic growth.


Radically create a conducive, enabling environment for the creation of decent jobs, poverty and inequality reduction through sustainably managed environment and economic development programmes in the Free State

Core functions

Integrated and sustainable Economic Development.

  • To stimulate integrated, regulated, informed and sustainable economic development through trade & investment facilitation, sector development and industrialization, by providing services to the stakeholders which we service.

  • Environmental assets conserved, valued, sustainably used, protected and continually enhanced to benefit the present and future generations.

  • To manage the environment in order to lead sustainable development of the environment for a better life for all in the province.

  • Radical efficacy in business processes.

  • To ensure rapid and efficient business processes within the Department:
  • Doing business unusual (fast and efficient).

  • Enabling line function to achieve their mandates.

  • To create a conducive environment for sustainable tourism growth and development in the Province.

  • A tourism industry that is supported by sound policies that seeks to transform the tourism industry through robust product development to effectively promote and market the Province as a tourist destination of choice.

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