Gauteng Department Budget for 2017-18


Dailt we provide high-quality,efficient and accessible healthcare to transform people’s lives


Create an effective public health system in Gauteng by ensuring we have the right people,skills,systems and equipment to provide the care our patients need to live health,quality lives

Core functions

  • Provision of primary healtcare services through the district system by means of a network of provincial clinics and community health centres and district hospitals administered by doctors,nurses and other health prodessionals;

  • Provision of emergency Medical services and planned patient transport throughout the province;

  • Renderingsecondary healthcare services through regional hospitals providing out- and in-patient care at general specialist level

  • Provision of specialisedin-patient care for psychiatric and infectious diseases, and some tuberculosis (TB) and chronic psychiatric services on an outsourced basis;

  • Provision of in-patient and out-patient academic healthcareservices through the central,tertiary hospitals and dental ospitals, in addition to the teaching that takesplace at other service levels;training of future health care professionalsin health sciences faculties and nursing colleges;and

  • Delivering of forensic pathology services and clinical-medico legal services

These services are supported through human resource;developmentmanagement and support servicesuch as laundries,facilities management and cook-freeze; and through supplying medical and pharmaceutical materials

Emergency Medical Services in the Eastern Cape 2005 – 2015
Data by Public Service Accountability Monitor
Budget Brief: Eastern Cape Department of Health 2014/15
Data by Public Service Accountability Monitor

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