Community Safety and Liaison

KwaZulu-Natal Department Budget for 2017-18


The department’s vision is to see that: The people of KwaZulu-Natal live in a safe and secure environment


The mission set for the department is: To be the lead department in co-ordinating integrated, participatory community safety initiatives and promoting police accountability towards a crime free KwaZulu-Natal.

Core functions

The provincial department is responsible for the following functions in line with the effective implementation of the Civilian Secretariat for Police Services Act, 2011:

  • Promoting democratic accountability and transparency in the police service.

  • Promoting good relations and establishing partnerships between the police and communities.

  • Directing the SAPS toward effectively addressing provincial needs and priorities.

  • Facilitating the development and co-ordination of social crime prevention initiatives.

  • Promoting and supporting victim empowerment

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