Economic Development, Environment and Tourism

Limpopo Department Budget for 2017-18


A competitive economy within a sustainable environment.


To create and facilitate the development of a competitive economy, sustainable environment and tourism growth.

Core functions

The mandate of the Department is to facilitate the provincial economy, promote and manage environmental and tourism activities. To carry out this mandate, the department pursues the following:

  • Ensuring the promotion of economic planning, conducting research and implementation and monitoring of economic development programs;

  • Creating an enabling environment for SMMEs and Co-operatives to succeed in order to improve the quality of life of the people of Limpopo Province;

  • Stimulating economic growth through industry development, trade and investment promotion;

  • Ensuring that businesses in all sectors are regulated and an environment created whereby consumers are effectively protected;

  • Ensuring sustainable environmental management, utilisation and regulation of natural resources;

  • Ensuring protection and sustainable natural resource management and utilisation;

  • Providing environmental empowerment support services; and

  • Ensure regulation, promotion and development of tourism in the province.