Provincial Treasury

Limpopo Department Budget for 2017-18


Excellence in public resource management for socio-economic development.


Empowering provincial and local government for sustainable service delivery through good governance and sound public resource management.

Core functions

The main tasks of the Provincial Treasury are to:

  • Prepare the Provincial Budget;

  • Exercise control over the implementation of the Provincial Budget;

  • Promote and enforce transparency and effective management in respect of revenue, expenditure, assets and liabilities of Provincial Government Institutions and Public Entities;

  • Develop and implement Fiscal Policies in the Province that are consistent with National Macroeconomic and Fiscal objectives;

  • Enforce implementation of National and Provincial Treasury norms and standards in the Province, including prescribed procurement systems, standards and Generally Recognized Accounting Practice, uniformly classified systems, provisioning, banking, cash management and investment frame-work policies;

  • Implement Treasury norms and standards provided for in the PFMA and MFMA;

  • Issue provincial instructions which are not inconsistent with the Act;

  • Comply with annual DORA, monitor and assess the implementation of that Act in public entities; 2017/18 Estimates of Provincial Revenue and Expenditure

  • Assist Provincial Government Institutions and Public Entities to build capacity for efficient, effective and transparent financial management and internal control;

  • Inspect any system of financial management and internal control applied by Provincial Government Institutions;

  • Intervene by taking appropriate steps to address serious and persistent material breach of the PFMA by a provincial department or public entity, including withholding of funds;

  • Monitor compliance with the MFMA by municipalities and municipal entities in the province; and

  • Monitor the preparation of municipal budgets by municipalities in the province. Legislative mandate

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