Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs

Mpumalanga Department Budget for 2017-18


Vibrant, equitable, and sustainable urban and rural communities with a united and prosperous agricultural sector


To facilitate an integrated, comprehensive, sustainable, social and agricultural development in rural and urban communities, through ensuring cohesion and collaboration by all sectors of society.

Core functions

The Department will continue with the implementation of the following priority policy initiatives in response to Outcome 7 and Outcome 10 in particular

  • Accelerate the implementation of Mpumalanga Fortune 40 Young Farmer Incubator Programme

  • Provide Irrigation Infrastructure

  • Identify and capacitate farmers to increase food production

  • Increase Meat Production: (Red and White meat)

  • Increase Grain Production: (Maize, Soya bean, Sorghum)

  • Increase Tropical Fruit and Vegetable Production

  • Development and refurbishment of the agro-processing facilities for Meat, grains, fruit and vegetable

  • Improve Research Development Programme

  • Provide support to affected farmers through Disaster Relief Schemes

  • Monitor climate change through Climate Change Response Tools

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Stations Commissioned; Operated And Maintained

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