Economy and Enterprise Development

North West Department Budget for 2017-18


“A growing economy wherein enterprises thrive”


To lead, coordinate, support, implement and champion inclusive economic growth for the people of the North West Province through:

  • Economic Planning and Development;

  • Enterprise Development; and

  • Effective Regulatory Services

Core Functions

The department’s core functions are summarised as follows:

  • Small Business Development;

  • Provincial macro-economic planning and development;

  • Research to determine economic potential and policy development;

  • Economic sector development and sectorial charter implementation;

  • Enhancement of productivity and competitiveness of various economic sectors;

  • Industrial development facilitation;

  • Economic infrastructure development facilitation;

  • Investment and trade promotion;

  • Regulatory functions (consumer protection and liquor policy administration, BBBEE policy compliance, gambling amongst others);

  • Economic development planning & coordination including LED, IDPs, and cluster management

  • Project management.

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