Provincial Legislature

North West Department Budget for 2017-18


To Foster Lawmaking, Oversight and Public Participation Processes through robust debates to instil Public Pride and Confidence in Democracy.


The North West Provincial Legislature has, in its quest to attain its vision, adopted the following dynamic principles and activities as its mission:

  • To reflect the values and aspirations of the people of the North West.

  • To promote Public Participation, Accessibility, Transparency and Accountability.

  • To be a caring, robust, responsive and activist Legislature.

  • To develop capacity and skills of both Members and staff.

  • To hold the Executive accountable.

  • To maintain a skilled, well-motivated, well led and managed administration.

Core functions

In order to achieve the above strategic goals, the North West Provincial Legislature (NWPL) is responsible for carrying out the following core functions:

  • To make laws for the province. Essentially, this means that the North West Provincial Legislature has a duty to improve the quality of life for the people of North West Province by creating laws that are just and responsive to the people’s needs.

  • To provide support to Committees and the Institution by ensuring public participation in all its programmes.

  • To oversee the provincial government – it is the North West Provincial Legislature’s duty to ensure that the government of North West uses its authority in a responsible manner, and that it implements the province’s legislation in the best interest of the people of this province.

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