Public Works and Roads

North West Department Budget for 2017-18


Delivery and maintenance of quality infrastructure for sustainable growth and development.


To provide quality provincial infrastructure and ensure better service delivery.

Core functions

Implementation of maintenance activities, routine, scheduled conditions assessment of all buildings and other fixed structures;

  • To manage the property portfolio of the province including the establishment and management of the provincial strategic and infrastructure plan;

  • To manage the operations of buildings including facilities management, cleaning, greening, beautification, interior decoration and designs as well as day to day preventative maintenance of electronic, electrical and mechanical equipment for all services related to managing a building;

  • To promote accessibility support and the safe, affordable movement of people, goods and services through the delivery and maintenance of transport infrastructure that is sustainable, integrated and environmentally sensitive, and which supports and facilitates social empowerment and economic growth;

Department of Public Works and RoadsVote 11To be appropriated by Vote in 2017/18R 2 895 063 000Direct ChargeNot ApplicableResponsible MECMEC for Public Works and RoadsAdministrating DepartmentDepartment of Public Works and RoadsAccounting OfficerDeputy Director General for Public Works and Roads

To develop new, re-construct, upgrade and rehabilitate and maintain road and transport infrastructure;

  • To plan, regulate and facilitate the provision of integrated land transport services through co-ordination and co-operation with national planning authorities and the private sector in order to enhance the mobility of all communities particularly those currently without or with limited access;

  • To manage the implementation of programmes and strategies that lead to the development and empowerment of communities and contractors. This includes the provincial management and co-ordination of the Expanded Public Works Programme

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