Cooperative Governance, Human Settlement and Traditional Affairs

Northern Cape Department Budget for 2017-18


People of the Northern Cape living in integrated human settlements, with responsive, accountable and highly effective municipalities and traditional institutions.


To facilitate and manage integrated sustainable human settlements and infrastructure development for effective service delivery.

  • To facilitate, monitor and support the consolidation and sustainability phases at municipalities for integrated, sustainable service delivery.

  • To promote and support inter-sphere engagement for integrated planning and coordination.

  • To facilitate, develop and support systems and structure to enhance traditional leadership.

  • To ensure the efficient, effective and economic utilization of departmental resources to maximise service delivery

Core functions

To promote and facilitate sustainable integrated human settlements and infrastructure development for effective housing delivery and planning.

  • Strengthening municipalities through capacity building and the accreditation process to fast track housing delivery;

  • Manage disaster management at provincial and local level;

  • Facilitate cooperative governance, with respect to the alignment of local and provincial development planning;

  • To promote, monitor and support integrated development and planning;

  • To facilitate, monitor and support sustainable governance and accountability

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