Economic Development and Tourism

Northern Cape Department Budget for 2017-18


A radically transformed economy in the Northern Cape.


Accelerating the economic growth and development of the Northern Cape Province through diversification, empowerment, employment, business creation and sustainable development.

Core functions

The department’s core functions are summarised as follows:

  • To provide leadership, strategic management in accordance with government legislation, regulations and policies.

  • To ensure an effective and compliant department that will provide technical support and economic policy advice to the Northern Cape Province.

  • To promote, support and facilitate integrated economic development through shared partnerships in the province.

  • To accelerate economic growth by facilitating export from and investment into the province while simultaneously promoting economic diversification and industrial expansion.

  • To stimulate economic development through industry development and trade and investment promotion.

  • To regulate business practices and ensure compliance with relevant legislation whilst optimizing revenue collection and monitoring departmental agencies.

  • To support the development of measurable economic policies, strategies and plans informed by relative economic research so that they are in alignment with the NSDP, Northern Cape Provincial Growth and Development Strategy and IDP’s with the aim of halving unemployment and achieving an average annual economic growth of 4-6 per cent.

  • To ensure an equitable, socially responsible business environment that allows for predictability.

  • To manage the development and promotion of the Northern Cape as a competitive tourist destination

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