Provincial Legislature

Northern Cape Department Budget for 2017-18


An activist Legislature advancing the aspirations of the people of the Northern Cape.


To serve people of the Northern Cape by building a developmental institution for effective law making, public participation, accountability and oversight over the executive and municipalities

Core Services

*The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL) exists in terms of section 104 of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, Act 108 of 1996 which vests the legislative authority of the Northern Cape Province in the NCPL. In addition to the legislative authority, Provincial Legislature also has a constitutional mandate of oversight over the provincial executive as well as a responsibility to ensure public participation in its processes.

*An effective Legislature is strongly correlated with the existence of a viable democracy and an open society. The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature on account of its members and legislative functions can empower ordinary citizens to participate in the development of policies that shape their lives. Due to its oversight role, the NCPL is fundamental in establishing the rule of law, protecting human rights, overseeing transparent governance processes and ensuring compliance with national and provincial legislation in the Northern Cape.

*These functions, though universally recognised are not always naturally or effectively implemented without sufficient human and financial resources. With its budget the NCPL is able to develop programmes geared at its own development. These programmes are aimed at strengthening representatives, transparency, accountability and effective government