Western Cape Department Budget for 2017-18


Access to person-centered quality care.


We undertake to provide equitable access to quality health services in partnership with the relevant stakeholders within a balanced and well-managed health system to the people of the Western Cape and beyond.

Main services and Core functions

Western Cape Government: Health is primarily responsible for providing health services to the population of the Province, approximately 6.4 million of which 75.8 per cent is estimated to be uninsured. Tertiary hospitals are considered to be a national resource and therefore obliged to provide for people beyond the provincial borders, and this is in line with the National Tertiary Services Grant. The Department will continue to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective package of health services to the people of the Western Cape. This includes preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative and palliative care,via:

  • District health services including: home and community-based care, clinics, community day/health centres and district hospitals.

  • Provincial, central and specialised hospital services, which include hospitals such as Tuberculosis,

  • Psychiatric and Rehabilitation hospitals.

  • Emergency medical and planned patient transport services.

  • Forensic pathology: medico-legal and inspector of anatomy services.

Emergency Medical Services in the Eastern Cape 2005 – 2015
Data by Public Service Accountability Monitor
Budget Brief: Eastern Cape Department of Health 2014/15
Data by Public Service Accountability Monitor

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